If you are interesting in selling your own vouchers, all you need to do is configure your account and set up your stripe account. RAI members do not need to configure a Stripe account, as we can initiate the payment with IBAN. But if you are interested in automating the process, it can be a useful step. 

We use stripe for all our payment processing so for you to get paid you will need to create a stripe account for your business. 

If you don't already have one visit  www.stripe.com 

You will need your company and bank details. 

Once you have your account, in settings you just need to link your Stripe and Voucher accounts.  This lets us deposit funds from your voucher sales directly into your stripe account.  

Once you have clicked the 'Connect with Stripe' button you should be redirected to the set up form. Simply create your account and link the giftvoucher.online platform to recieve your voucher payments directly to your bank account. 

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