Redeeming the RAI Gift Voucher online is a very simple process. All members who have agreed to accept the voucher will have the ability to redeem valid vouchers. 

Below is a step by step guide on how to redeem vouchers:

*Note - You must set up your account to redeem vouchers (See our sign up guide here) 

1 - Sign in to your account here or at

2 - Select 'Redeem' at the side of the screen

3- Input the voucher code as seen on the voucher PDF and the email.

4 - Press redeem and enter the amount.

Redeemed vouchers are visible in the 'Reports' section of the system.

Redemptions will be paid on a weekly basis and will only be paid to RAI members - For more information see our terms of service

*It is at the members discretion to only accept the voucher in full or to provide change to the customer.

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