1 - What is the RAI Gift Voucher? 

The all new RAI Gift Voucher is the latest offering to our members which allows acceptance of an all-Ireland voucher redeemable with all participating members. The voucher tool is completely free to access and members can benefit from redemptions in their area by spreading the word about their participation. 

End users can check participating venues on the RAI listings site, and can purchase their voucher directly from the site or from all social channels. The RAI Gift Voucher is delivered in partnership with eosDublin, who developed the giftvoucher.online platform in 2011.

2 - How do I redeem the voucher? 

Sign in to your account here : https://app.voucher.gifts/users/sign_in

Select 'Redeem' at the side of the screen

Input the voucher code as seen on the voucher PDF and the email.

Press redeem and enter the amount.

3 - How much of the voucher do I get paid?

The RAI Voucher and the GiftVoucher.online system is free to use. Members are invited to create their account and configure their profile (see the signup guide for more information). 

The fee on redemption is 5% + payment processing. We use Stripe for the processing of payments due to the security and easy to use system.

See the Stripe terms of service here - www.stripe.com

4 - How does the payment get made? 

The easiest way to receive your voucher fee is to provide your IBAN in the settings section of your account. Transfers will be made at the end of each week. 

Members can also set up a Stripe account and sell vouchers directly and accept payments from their voucher account.

5 - Do the vouchers expire? 

There is no expiration date on the RAI Gift Voucher. 

6 - What is to stop a voucher from being redeemed in more than one premises at one time?

The GiftVoucher.online system has been operational since 2011. The voucher codes are uniquely generated and cannot be duplicated. 

For additional security and transparency, from 2021, the GV.online codes will be timestamped and encrypted on the Europechain blockchain on both sale and redemption.

Europechain is a GDPR supporting blockchain platform which brings the benefits of blockchain technology to enterprises across the continent.  

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